Styling Tips for White Bookcases: Creative Ways to Display Books, Decor, and Collectibles

The way you set up your bookcase could give people insights about the type of person that you are and what kind of books you like to read. It can be a set of books, a set of paintings, or even a set of personal items; arranging your items in a proper way can turn your bookcase into an interesting piece of artwork.

Besides functionality, your bookcase is an opportunity to showcase your creativity. It is an opportunity to have fun with your space, to deal with the arrangement of various colors, and to focus on any object(s) that is/are most significant to you. Just remember that these items should not violate the overall balance of the space.

Below are some more styling tips to help you make your white bookcase less than ordinary.

Integrate Color and Texture

The use of white is calming, but when you decide to incorporate a little color, your display will look so much better. For example, you can group books by the color of their covers to make them more eye-catching. Add metallic ornaments, wood carvings, or even woven baskets which mesh harmoniously against the white background. These not only increase the depth of the display but also makes it more personal and warm.

Utilize Decorative Objects

Introduce lots of accessories, including flower pots, photo frames, or sculptures. These items should not over-power the books but should instead enhance them. For instance, a small plant can bring some freshness into a room, whereas a modern clock or figurine can bring some minimalistic style into it. The concept is to add more visual appeal to your bookcase without over-stuffing it.

Embrace Negative Space

It is very important not to rush into filling all the shelves that you have available. Sometimes, it is good to leave some spaces on the bookshelf so that the overall look is neat and professionally arranged. This approach both draws attention to the pieces that are most important to you while also making the overall arrangement feel more breezy and open.

Rotate Your Displays

To keep your white bookcase exciting, change your displayed items with new stocks according to the change in seasons or as often as possible. This way, your collection is rotated from time to time and interests for some items are sparked up again. All of these present you an opportunity to reflect on your layout and be more creative with your approach.


A white bookcase can easily become one of the best and most attractive piece of furniture in the home/office just because of the right styling. The right placement, color and decoration ideas will allow you to enjoy a great looking display that will tell a story. With the tips above, your white bookcase will not only be an item used for storing your artifacts, it will speak volumes of your character. Simply breathe and relax and have fun, while making your space unique.

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